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Product-Focused Structural Compliance

Equipment and components comprise most of the cost of modern facilities. When they fail, buildings are unusable, power must be generated elsewhere, and wastewater goes untreated.

In short, bad things happen.

At Pre, we bring Structural Engineering back to the manufacturer, where products are fashioned from Pre-concept to certification and sale. We formed Pre Compliance to assess and certify products for structural conformance with a manufacturer-oriented approach.

The Pre Compliance Team

Andy Coughlin, PE, SE


Originally from the high plains of Wyoming, Andy has become a go-to authority on seismic certification of equipment, having served as structural engineer of record on 100+ HCAI OSP Pre-approvals and overseen the product testing and installation at mission critical defense facilities and safety systems of mass transit. Andy is a licensed civil and structural engineer in multiple states (including CA and FL) and holds an B.S. in Civil Engineering from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and an M.S. in Civil Engineering from Penn State University. Andy is often seen around Central Oregon waterways paddling his tandem kayak with his wife and their flyfishing gear.

Katie Braman


Hailing from the Oregon Coast, Katie Braman is known in the HVAC industry for her near flawless execution of complex seismic test programs for products as varied as ductless air conditioning systems and hydroelectric dam safety equipment. Originally a middle school teacher, Katie brings an welcoming learning atmosphere to manufacturers who are unfamiliar with the certification process. In addition to her Master’s in Education, she holds a B.S. degree in Energy Systems Engineering from Oregon State University. Katie’s life challenge is keeping her Airstream camper clean while her husband and Old English Sheepdog come in and out repeatedly.

Galen Reid


Galen grew up in Bend back when it was still a mill town. He has translated early careers in construction and as a journeyman electrician into a patient and practical certification program manager understanding complex nuances of switchgear, transformers, and the like. Galen consistently delivers results for his clients, while demonstrating skillful application of mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering disciplines. He holds a B.S. degree in Energy Systems Engineering from Oregon State University. Galen finds time to bring his wife and two kids camping as much as possible during the Oregon summer, usually close to flyfishing waters.

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