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Introducing Pre Compliance

In a world increasingly hazardous to modern buildings and infrastructure, the public expects our hospitals, water supply, electrical grid, first responder headquarters, defense facilities, and hazardous material storage to be safe, operable, and reliable under extreme events. These assets demand high performing equipment and components to keep our communities safe and resilient.

Events like Hurricane Andrew in 1992, the Northridge earthquake in 1992, and the Beirut Marine barracks bombings in 1986 directly led to wind, seismic, and physical security regulations, respectively, that govern the design of buildings and trickle down to components of those buildings. If you are the manufacturer of HVAC, electrical, and medical imaging equipment, you not only have to optimize the capacity, safety, efficiency, and precision of your equipment, you have to ensure it can also survive the violent shaking of an earthquake or the debris and wind pressure of a hurricane. If you are a window, louver, door, or fence manufacturer, you are now expected to design for wind and blast pressures or impacts from debris or direct fire weapons.

All this can leave a manufacturer with questions:

1. Is this really a requirement?

2. How big are the markets with these regulations?

3. What is the process to achieve this certification?

4. How much will it cost?

5. Do I need to change the design of my product?

At Pre Compliance we meet regularly with product and compliance managers, sales applications engineers, design engineers, and business development directors from both multi-national manufacturers and single location “mom and pop” manufacturers. Our engineering team has a combined decades of experience in critical equipment and component certification for seismic, wind, and physical security. Since we’re solely focused on manufacturers and engineered products — leaving the facility design to other professionals — we take the time to really understand the products and the aspects which impact their certification. Any HVAC equipment, electrical equipment, medical imaging systems, façade components, barriers, or any other product built at a factory but installed at a facility, our engineers at Pre have seen it and know how to test, analyze, or otherwise prove it will do the job of keeping the facility resilient.

Our engineers would be happy to discuss your product or project. Give us a call at 541-241-2310 or contact us at Or you can request a no obligation quote here.

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