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Service Offerings

With over 45 years of experience, our team has unsurpassed capabilities in seismic, wind and physical security certifications and vibration isolation. Here are the ways we can help you streamline your programs.

  • We offer full support for OSP, IBC and IEEE certifications and anchorage reports for all types of equipment.
  • One engineer will handle entire certification program including analysis, test coordination, test plan creation, testing and documentation.
  • Structural Engineer actively involved in all HCAI/OSHPD projects to optimize program and results.
  • Expert selection of restrained vibration isolators for testing and entire product lines.
  • We work with your engineering teams analysis to reduce cost and time.
  • All FEA done in-house.
  • Network of trusted partner labs to get the best timeline and cost savings.
  • IBC certifications require minimal cost and inspections.

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