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Physical Security Testing & Certification

Products that protect people and assets need to have proven performance. At Pre we’ve seen many products make claims like “blast-proof” or “bullet-proof” without specifying any details. The remedy is a well designed test or simulation program to qualify product lines with a proven method so they can be trusted to perform in-theatre.

Products: Blast/Ballistic/Forced Entry Resistant Windows, Doors, Louvers, Wall Panels, Dampers, Valves, & Building Enclosures; Anti-Ram Bollards & Barriers; Forced Entry Resistant Fence Systems

Test Methods: Blast (open range/arena and shock tube), Ballistic (UL 752, NIJ), Anti-Ram/Vehicle Impact (DOS/OBO, ASTM F2656), Forced Entry (ASTM series)

Pre Compliance can speed the process to getting blast and physical security certifications and preapprovals where they are required.

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