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Seismic Test Programs

At Pre, we have unmatched experience with seismic test programs, partnering with ISO 17025 accredited triaxial shake table test laboratories across North America and with international affiliates in Europe, India, and China.

Test Standards: ICC-ES AC-156, IEEE 693, IEEE 344, IEC 60068-3-3, NEBS GR-63-CORE

We design custom test programs and fixtures for other equipment as well. Contact us for a quote to start the conversation.

Examples of products we have tested include:

Electrical: Transformers, Switchgear, Motor Control Centers, Control Cabinets, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Automatic Transfer Switches, Manual Transfer Switches, Power Distribution Units, Rack Mounted Equipment, Diesel Generator Sets, and more.

HVAC: Air Handling Units, Split Air Conditioning Systems, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Systems, Fans and Fan Arrays, Terminal Units and Diffusers, Water and Air-Cooled Chillers, Cooling Towers, and more.

Medical: X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, Computed Tomography (CT), Nurse Call Stations, Surgical Lighting, and more.

Seismic Certification

Seismic Certification originated in the 1970’s in the nuclear power industry and was adopted by the International Building Code in 2000 and the California Building Code in 2007. Since then, our staff has completed hundreds of HCAI (formerly OSHPD) OSP preapprovals for a diverse array of equipment types. We maintain a great working relationship with HCAI and also offer site-specific qualification reports when things deviate from the preapproval. Our work is backed by years of experience and Structural Engineering licenses in California and most western states.

Certification/Preapprovals: HCAI OSP and OPM (formerly OSHPD), International Building Code (IBC), California Building Code (CBC), ASCE 7, DoD UFC, DOE/NRC

Seismic Simulation

Building codes allow seismic certification by analysis in some cases, and Pre Compliance is prepared to rapidly produce high quality seismic simulation results on time and on budget.

Our typical process includes receiving 3D CAD from the manufacturer, processing it in our rapid analytical tools, and producing seismic results that document the seismic capacity or communicate weak points to the manufacturer.

Pre Compliance makes use of Altair’s SimSolid® program, which allows geometry based, meshless, accurate, and rapid results for a variety of analysis types.

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