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ICC-ES AC-156 refers to the Acceptance Criteria 156 established by the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES). The ICC-ES is a nonprofit organization that provides technical evaluations, including product evaluations, for building products, components, methods, and materials.

AC-156 is specifically related to the evaluation of mechanical anchor systems used for attaching components to concrete, masonry, or other base materials. It sets forth the criteria and testing requirements for assessing the performance and suitability of mechanical anchors.

The acceptance criteria typically cover factors such as design load capacity, resistance to various environmental conditions, installation procedures, and the overall safety and reliability of the anchor system. The evaluation process may involve laboratory testing, analysis of technical data, and review of the manufacturer’s documentation.

By conforming to the requirements outlined in ICC-ES AC-156, manufacturers can obtain an evaluation report from the ICC-ES. This report provides an independent assessment of the product’s performance and code compliance, which can be used by architects, engineers, and building officials to determine whether the mechanical anchor system meets the necessary standards for use in construction projects.

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