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Isolation Products

As a distributor of vibration isolation products from our partner, VibraSystems, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive selection and sourcing services, along with expert anchorage design for both isolated and rigidly mounted nonstructural components. Utilizing the latest software, we ensure that our clients receive the highest quality solutions tailored to your specific needs.

We provide isolation from neoprene pads to 3″ deflection isolators to eliminate structural borne noise and vibration from MEP equipment at the source.

Product Selection and Sourcing

Our inventory includes a wide range of vibration isolation products, such as rubber pads and mounts, open and restrained springs, and base isolators, designed to address various vibration control requirements. We partner with a leading manufacturer to offer products that meet the highest industry standards and compliance regulations.

Our selection process is driven by a understanding of the unique challenges faced by different projects, ensuring that each product we offer is optimal for its intended application. This includes structural type, span and equipment frequencies.

We will work with your engineering teams to customize any isolation design to meet the most stringent requirements.

Anchorage Design

In addition to product selection, we specialize in designing anchorage systems for both isolated and rigidly mounted nonstructural components. Our team of engineers employs the latest design software to create customized anchorage solutions that comply with seismic and wind load requirements. These software platforms enable us to conduct detailed simulations and analyses, ensuring that our designs are optimized to reduce field labor.

Our design process involves a thorough assessment of the project site and the specific components to be anchored. By integrating data from these assessments into our software, we develop anchorage systems that are robust and cost effective. This ensures that nonstructural components remain secure during seismic events and high-wind scenarios, eliminating the risk of damage and enhancing overall building safety.

Overall Approach

Through the use of cutting-edge software and a commitment to quality, we provide unparalleled selection and sourcing services, along with expert anchorage design for nonstructural components. Our holistic approach ensures that our clients receive effective and reliable solutions for their vibration isolation and anchorage needs.

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